Oregon Mermaids

Interact with the Oregon Mermaids at the Portland Aquarium


Sure, a lot of the creatures at the Portland Aquarium are exotic, but did you know we also offer mythical species?

On select days, listen to our magical creatures read stories.  Don’t forget to take photos, or your friends will never believe it!  These legendary creatures will grace your time with them.

Plan a date with  us!

 (Note, our updated schedule.)

Sundays Mondays Wednesdays Saturdays
April 18, 10-1pm
April 22, 12-2pm
May 2, 12-2
May 6, 12-2
May 10, 10-5pm May 11, 10-2pm May 13, 12-2 May 16, 10-5
May 17, 10-5 May 18, 10-2 May 20, 12-2 May 23, 10-5
May 24, 10-5 May 25, 10-2 May 27, 12-2 May 30, 10-5
May 31, 10-5

On Wednesdays at 1:45pm we will have Mermaid Tales story time.

Come hear a story, come share a story.



 Oregon Mermaids are active on TV and around the community.  Find out more about the them here:

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