Get to know some of your friendly Portland Aquarium staff members!

We currently have over 40 employees, and counting!



B.S. Zoology

Assistant Director

Mike has a Bachelor of Science in Zoology from Oregon State, and specializes in husbandry (the care of animals) and management.  While in college, Mike worked at an exotic pet store for 5 years and volunteered at numerous wildlife rehabilitation centers.  He also owned and operated an aquarium installation and maintenance company for four years before coming to the Portland Aquarium.

Since his childhood, Mike has been passionate about marine animals. He has bred poison dart frogs as well as saltwater fish including Banggai Cardinalfish, seahorses, and clownfish!



B.S. Marine Biology

Marine Biologist

Markus has a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology from Texas A&M University, and specializes in reef tanks, saltwater fish, marine mammals, and raising King Penguins!  He has seven years experience performing professional aquarium design, installation, and maintenance.

“I find the best way to have people care about the oceans is to show them the animals that live there.  Not everyone can scuba dive or visit the world’s reefs, but everyone can come to the aquarium.”



B.S. Biology


Katrina has a Bachelor of Science in Biology with an emphasis in Zoology from Western Oregon University.  She worked at the Oregon Zoo for three years caring for reptiles, mammals, and birds.  In addition, she also gained valuable experience caring for marine animals in her classes at Western Oregon University.

“I developed my love for animals as a child and grew up surrounded by farm animals and pets.  I got into the biology field to learn about as many animals as I could, and I hope to help spread knowledge to the public.”




B.S. Biology , M.S. Biology

Biologist, School Outreach Coordinator and Educator

Jill has a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Master of Science in Biology from Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio.  Her expertise is in science education.  She has two years of experience  teaching biology labs at a college level  and 3 years working as a learning assistant in large biology lecture halls where she helped facilitate active learning.

“I’m a recent graduate with a passion for teaching about biology. As a graduate student, my research focused on how to help students achieve a “big picture” understanding of how different topics in biology are related. Sharing my love for biology with guests at the aquarium brings me joy every day.”



B.S. Organismal Biology

Biologist, Avian and Herpetology Curator

Kourtney has a Bachelor of Science in Organismal Biology from Portland State University.  She specializes in animal training and is an expert with birds, reptiles, and amphibians.  Kourtney has seven years experience as an intern and volunteer in the bird, family farm, and educational animals areas of the Oregon Zoo where she worked with a variety of birds, reptiles, mammals, and amphibians with a focus on penguins, terns, birds of prey, lorikeets, and a variety of water fowl.

“I developed my love for animals and nature as a child living in the country.  I was fascinated by reptiles and amphibians from an early age and would spend hours near ponds or in fields just to find them.  My passion for birds began when my internship with the Oregon Zoo bird keepers started and has been a large part of my life since.”



B.S. Fish and Wildlife Biology

Wildlife Biologist

Brendan earned a Bachelor of Science in Fish and Wildlife Biology  at Oregon State University.  He spent 3 years doing amphibian surveys for Yellow Legged Frogs and spent 2 years on a Rough Skin Newt population study.  He has handled and worked with venomous snakes, and Brendan ran herpetelogical programs for Oregon State Parks for two years.

“I think it is great for people to experience these animals and make their own judgement about their importance.  Also, hands-on experience is beneficial to people by helping them feel connected to the animals and their enviroment which could lead to increased conservation.  Go Beavs!!!”



B.S. Biology


Micaiah has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from University of Oregon.  He specializes in coral care and propagation.  He also has expertise with tropical marine fish, sharks, and rays.  Previous to joining the team at Portland Aquarium, Micaiah worked at Aquatic Solutions, Liquid Sunshine, and Pet Time as a saltwater specialist.  He also completed an internship with the Hawaii Insitute of Marine Biology researching coral reproduction and husbandry.

“I have been keeping and propagating marine fish and coral for almost 10 years.  I intend on turning this passion into my career by obtaining my PhD in coral ecology and doing research on the world’s coral reefs.”