Summer Camps 2014

Bat-raySTINGRAY CAMP (Ages 8-12)

We will be diving into fun as campers learn about animals as they never have before. Campers will experience hands-on learning with a husbandry staff member serving as their guide for three exciting two hour camp days. Campers will have the chance to prepare animal diets and feed some of the aquarium’s most interesting residents including stingrays, seahorses, reptiles, birds, and even the giant pacific octopus! Find out which animals at Portland Aquarium are the ultimate masters of disguise in their habitats. Learn about the amazing diversity found in one of the most intriguing groups of animals in the sea: sharks!
3 days/1pm-3pm, Cost non-members $125.00.

Session 1: July 21st, 23rd, 25th

Session 2: Aug 18th, 20th, 22nd


SHARK CAMP (Ages 13-18)

Leopard shark 1Shark campers will spend the week shadowing a member of our animal husbandry team, gaining a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to take care of the amazing animals living at the aquarium. Campers will learn about the necessity of providing enrichment for the animals in our care and have the chance to design and participate in an enrichment activity for the giant pacific octopus! This camp is perfect for aspiring marine biologists interested in learning about the complexities of caring for exotic sea creatures and understanding big issues faced by marine life in their habitats.
3 days/1pm-3pm, Cost non-members $125.00.

Session 1: July 28th, 30th, Aug 1st

Session 2: Aug 25th, 27th, 29th




Parents/guardians are asked to initiate Summer Camp registration by sending an email to with “Portland Aquarium Summer Camp 2014” in the subject line.

In order to be considered fully registered for camp, we require the following:
– Name and age of camper
– Title and session number of camp
– Contact phone number of parent/guardian
– 50% of camp price collected as a deposit (may be paid over the phone or in person at Portland Aquarium, refundable up to one week prior to camp)