Red-Eyed Tree Froglets Born to Happy Parents


Portland Aquarium Surpluses Animals

Across the Country

In a rare clutch (biology jargon for “laying eggs”) Portland Aquarium herpetology staff has successfully hatched 54 red-eyed tree froglets.  “When the conditions and habitat mimic nature, the animals are happy.  When they are happy, they reproduce.”  What does an aquarium do with 54 happy and healthy red-eyed tree frogs?  They share.  In the zoo and aquarium online trading world, directors and curators are able to collaborate, share husbandry ideas, answer specialized questions, and yes, share species!  “We have been doing a lot of receiving from our counterparts in the aquarium world.  With this and other successful breeding programs, we are glad to now be giving back to some of these great organizations.  We are sending some to various institutions around the country to help educate and inspire their guests as well.


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