Greetings Portland Aquarium Fans!

If you have not been in this summer, come see our new species and shows mentioned below.

Not a member yet?  Some benefits that our annual pass holders enjoy include:

  • Unlimited Visits: All Annual Passes are good for one whole year of unlimited visits to the Portland Aquarium, starting on the date of your first visit.
  • Discounts: 10% discount on all gift shop purchases (does not include fish/shark/bird food), as well as other discounts on birthday parties, group events, Behind the Scenes tours, and sleepovers.
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  • Only grandchildren living in the same household are included in family passes.  Grandchildren not living in the same household as the purchaser are not covered under passes purchased by grandparents. Grandchildren may be added to passes for $29.95 per child.

We are being environmentally conscious and going pass-less!  Annual pass holders show a personal photo ID at the counter to get into the aquarium.  No pass to carry around.  We maintain a list of names to  make this possible, and you can skip to the front of the line.

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Now For Your Viewing Pleasure

We have been acquiring a lot of species!  Here are some photos of the newest editions.

Lorikeet Chicks  -

Iris and Arko, our dominant breeding pair of lorikeets, are the proud mom and dad of three new lorikeet chicks. Morgan, the first baby they raised is now 5 months old. They are currently busy taking care of Morgan’s two new siblings who are only 6 weeks old!

Here is a picture of baby Morgan’s first day flying in the lorikeet exhibit:

…and a picture of Morgan’s siblings:

Wolf Eel Show –

We now have an exciting Wolf Eel Show every Saturday at 3pm. During the show, you can see one of our scuba-certified staff members dive down into the wolf eel tank to interact with and even hand feed the wolf eel. Though some may think wolf eels are frightening, they are commonly known as a “diver’s best friend,” which can certainly be seen during our wolf eel shows.

A picture of Markus Tollefson, one of our marine biologists, hand-feeding the wolf eel who is swimming up to greet him:

Wolf eel quick fact:  These animals are not true eels due to the presence of pectoral fins on their bodies, easily seen in the below photo. Wolf eels are simply very long fish which are grouped together with other wolffishes in the genus Anarrhichthys.

A photo of our handsome six-foot long wolf eel:

Shark Eggs –

In this photo you can see a developing white-spotted bamboo shark!  White-spotted bamboo sharks develop for about four months inside of a leathery egg case.  While they grow, the baby sharks are nourished by the yolk sac inside of their egg case.

Grey Smoothhound Shark -

This shark is native to waters spanning from the Gulf of California to off the coast of Northern California. This species of shark reaches a maximum size of just over 5ft.

Reticulated Python -

Kalika is a color morph called a purple albino reticulated python. Her species can reach up to 30ft in length.

Gigas Clam -

The giant clam, Tridacna gigas, is the largest living species of bivalve mollusk. They can measure nearly 4ft across!

Reptile Encounters  –

All three new species may come out to greet aquarium guests during daily 2pm Reptile Encounters in the tidepool room.  We will choose the reptile, tell you about it, and all participants have an opportunity to pet it.

  • blue-tongue skink
  • argus monitor
  • bearded dragon

We also have a more extensive Reptile Show on Sundays, alternating weeks between this show and a Snake Show from 3 to 4pm.  We look forward to seeing  you all there.

We look forward to seeing many of you at the aquarium soon.  To purchase an annual membership to see these new exhibits and species, click here.  We also have events and encounters at the aquarium.  Book your birthday party or field trip, click their corresponding links.  Daily passes will be available on our website within the next week or two.  Once they are live, you will find them on this admissions page.

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