End of School Art Contest

End of School Art Contest

Portland Aquarium is excited to expand students’ interest in aquatics or marine biology through an art contest where they can illustrate fish, birds, reptiles or oceanography. In doing so, they have a chance to win a scholarship, a family annual membership or tickets... read more
Educator Open House

Educator Open House

The Portland Aquarium would like to invite you to attend our Educator Open House. Please come by the aquarium with your fellow educators and take a brief tour and share some hands-on experience with our animals. Learn how we are inspiring a new generation of ocean... read more

Improve Your Health, Visit an Aquarium

Research has been done comparing control groups to those exposed to aquaria. Benefits have included reports of decreased stress, increase in relaxation, reduced anxiety, decreased aggressive behaviors and improved eating behaviors and nutrition. The benefits were seen... read more

Leopard Shark

  Fun facts about our Leopard Shark: They have become protected in California and Oregon coasts so that they are not over fished. These types of sharks are most commonly found in sandy or muddy bays and estuaries near the bottom. It is rare to find them in size... read more

Sea Cucumbers

Meet our friends, the Sea Cucumbers!   Sea cucumbers are echinoderms from the class holothuroidea. They are marine invertebrates with a leathery skin and an elongated bod. Sea cucumbers are found on the sea floor worldwide. The number of holothurian species... read more

Article in the Oregonian

Two brothers from Idaho hope to build a marine aquarium geared to children in a former Black Angus Steakhouse south of Milwaukie. In a tour this week, a contractor gutting the 11,000-square-foot building envisioned what could go into the space: a puffin room where a... read more

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