Red-Eyed Tree Froglets Born to Happy Parents

Portland Aquarium Surpluses Animals Across the Country In a rare clutch (biology jargon for “laying eggs”) Portland Aquarium herpetology staff has successfully hatched 54 red-eyed tree froglets.  “When the conditions and habitat mimic nature, the animals are happy.  When they are happy, they reproduce.”  What does an aquarium do with 54 happy and healthy red-eyed […]


Closed for Remodeling, Will Reopen With 7-7-7-7 Special

We’re Getting A Facelift! Borrowing from the Hebrew symbol meaning “complete”, Portland Aquarium is poised to celebrate its next phase of remodels with a promotion for guests.  For the first time since opening, Portland Aquarium will be closed for remodeling from March 10th-14th.  On March 15, we will reopen and roll out several lucky specials to […]

Giant Pacific Octopus

Our newest resident, a Giant Pacific Octopus, is named “Triton” and actually he is just a little guy right now… Triton is shy and precious and is about 3 feet across when he stretches, but he is growing very fast. Triton is estimated to be about a year old. He has already doubled in size […]

Walking Shark Epaulette Shark

Walking Sharks

What are Walking Sharks? Portland Aquarium’s latest educational display features new sharks that are known as juvenile epaulette sharks, also known as “Walking Sharks.” “They are some of the most interesting sharks I’ve ever seen,” said the director of animal husbandry and operations. “Rather than swim, full grown epaulette sharks can walk by wriggling their […]

Halloween Event at the Aquarium – October 26

Boo! October 26, 2013   We are having a PARTY!  Join us for all sorts of fun. The aquarium will be decorated with scary Halloween in mind. * Free admission for all costume-wearers. * $5 admission for everyone not wearing a costume. * Face painting will be offered by Kyna. * The Oregon Mermaids will […]

Greetings Portland Aquarium Fans!

If you have not been in this summer, come see our new species and shows mentioned below. Not a member yet?  Some benefits that our annual pass holders enjoy include: Unlimited Visits: All Annual Passes are good for one whole year of unlimited visits to the Portland Aquarium, starting on the date of your first […]

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Feed Lorikeets In Portland? YES!

It’s 2012, and in addition to all of this year’s cool new tech stuff (including the iPhone 5) there have also been amazing advancements outside of tech, such as being able to hand-feed a Lorikeet in Portland, although they’re most commonly found in the Australasian region! Who needs an iPhone 5 when we will have […]

New Aquarium creating a buzz in Milwaukie, OR.

click here for the original article.  By Shannon L. Cheesman, producer/reporter. click here to see photo gallery. MILWAUKIE, Ore. – A new aquarium that will give kids a hands-on experience with marine life and other creatures is coming to Milwaukie. Work is well under way on the 12,500-square-foot Oregon Aquarium (not to be confused with theOregon […]