Morning Rounds


Learn How We Prepare the Aquarium and Its Animals for the Day!

Great for aspiring aquarists, biologists, herpetologists, science geeks and animal lovers!


Portland Aquarium hatches its own Baby Brine Shrimp as a live food source for many animals, including jellyfish and non-photosynthetic coral species. Brine shrimp hatch inside of the funnel-shaped towers. The towers are set up with air stones to provide the brine shrimp hatchlings with enough oxygen, heaters to provide the proper temperature, and plankton for the hatchlings to eat.


In addition to regular feedings and care, our staff members work to provide interesting forms of enrichment for our animals. This plastic jar has a screwtop lid which makes for an interesting problem-solving activity for our Giant Pacific Octopus. There is a shrimp in the jar to motivate the octopus to engage with the enrichment activity while simultaneously providing him with a meal.


A biologist at the aquarium using a refractometer, which is used to measure salinity.


Our Green Iguana loved his freshly-prepared breakfast leafy greens!


Tag along with our experienced crew on their morning rounds as they prepare for the day, check on and feed animals and check water levels. Great for aspiring aquarists, biologists, herpetologists, science geeks and animal lovers!

Morning Rounds fluctuate for our staff each day based upon the feeding schedules of each species, so a Morning Rounds guest experience can vary. Based upon the schedule some of the things that a guest could experience are jellyfish, seahorse, shark or reptile feedings. We will provide you with the opportunity to shadow the staff member doing the most interesting activity for you.

Included is admission to the aquarium to stay as long as you’d like after tour is over.

10-10:45 am daily

Experiences $29.95 general admission, $19.95 members.


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