Ever had your children say “Mom, watch. Mom, look at me! Mom, mom, MOM!” Well, can we share a secret with you?!

“Less” is often “More”

We have over 2,500 species crawling or swimming around – you don’t have to see it all in one day or rush through. In fact, the more time your child spends in an exhibit the more engaged he can become in sea life, and that engagement leads to deeper education and a richer experience.

“And a little child shall lead them”

Let your children set the pace as you observe their interaction with the variety of sea life.

Children may be interested in things that you might not expect. Let them delve into that interest. Observe your child enjoying the learning of new things. Experience the wonder of being a child again, vicariously, through your child. You will learn about your child’s learning patterns as you observe them. What is it that captures their attention? What causes the most wonder in them? Why? These observations can help you to understand and appreciate your children’s perspective.

Suspend your smart phone addiction for a few hours and the three key words “Location, Location, Location” can transform their meaning. Here, the only meaning behind those words are parents disconnected from technology and being not only “on Location” but being “Present, Present, Present.”

You will grow fascinated by their fascinations. They will learn far more about things they are fascinated with than with those things that do not hold their interest. Studies show that when children have a constructive hobby they enjoy, they excel more in other parts of their lives they might not consider “fun”. This is a rewarding aspect of teaching – letting them discover the wonder of it for themselves. Valuable information will be assimilated and retained as your children are given the space and time to explore on their terms, and to know Dad or Mom are present.

So, how might we address the child who says “Mom, mom, look at me!”? As you visit the Aquarium, watch them! As amazing as the 500 species we carry may be, we can’t compete with the most fascinating of them all – our children!